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Wheelchair Accessories and Tips

User-Friendly Accessories for Your Breezy Elegance Wheelchair:

Inserted into the rear frame of the chair, anti-tips will give you confidence and extra stability when climbing steep hills or curbs.

Step Tube
This easily attachable insert can be "stepped" on by a caregiver to help boost the chair and user up over a curb.

Crutch Holder
An attachment that allows crutches to be carried on the back of the Elegance.

For conveniently storing your essentials.

Elevating Legrests
For clients requiring the elevation of their legs for various conditions.

Wheelchair Accessories and Tips

Home Modifications for Your Wheelchair:

Thanks to the Americans with Disability Act almost all public places are accessible; however, personal dwellings may present some barriers. In recent years builders have started to incorporate the concept of universal design when building a home and make adjustments to the widths of hallways and doorways. Unfortunately, the majority of older homes were not built with individuals with mobility impairments in mind, so it is important to look at the accessibility of your home when considering a wheelchair.

Consider the following for access to the home:

  • Are there steps? If so, how many steps?
  • What are the heights of the individual steps?
  • Is a ramp needed?
  • How high is the threshold of the door?

Consider the following for access within the interior of the home:

  • Doorways should be at least 32” wide for a straight-on approach. Doors can be removed to provide you the needed space for access.
  • If the doorway is located down a hall there needs to be enough room for the wheelchair to turn, and the doorway should be at least 36” wide.

These are general concepts. Depending on the state of your home, modifications may be needed. If you decide to make modifications, it would be wise to contact a contractor or clinician who is certified in universal design for appropriate recommendations.

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